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Challenge 1: 7-Min Zone Challenge

This is a great challenge - each day in February you must complete the daily exercises posted... and it will be within a 7-min zone! That’s a quick, but consistent, habit being formed right there! The exercises will be intermediate to advanced. 

Challenge 2: Abs, Arse & Full Body Challenge

This challenge will issue a daily post - a couple of exercises that will be either rep-based, or time-based. The exercises will get gradually more difficult, but we take each day at a time. Any fitness level can join!

Challenge 3: No Sweat Challenge

This challenge will be for those with weekends plans. There is still accountability (so you still type “done” under your daily challenge) but you get every weekend off. The daily challenge is Monday to Friday and will be around 7-10 mins per challenge. Perfect for those who have mad weekends!

As it's through Facebook you can access the group - and watch any videos - anywhere in the world! Neat eh!


And continuing for February - you can enter a private team for either of the challenges! You must have you and at least 9 other friends, family or work colleagues join you - and you will be able to mud-sling, post articles, and generally interact with your nearest and dearest. It's a fab way to keep motivated throughout the month! (all team members in the private teams will be on one of the challenges - you cannot have a mixed team... )

Come and see what you can achieve when you have a full (virtual) team to be accountable to! Not convinced? Read some of the team testimonials from the challenges so far - I was almost weeping!! 

In April I set up a "Secret" group on Facebook called "Abs & Arses Challenge" which was a daily challenge for me and my friends to complete. 

Every day there would be an abdominal exercise, and a butt / ass / gluteals exercise - if you didn't do the exercises and post "done" on the thread - you were OUT! No excuses!

I added a second challenge for May - "Full Body" - June followed quickly with HIIT, July introduced secret "team" pages so you can get a group of friends together... August offered an "advanced" challenge... September a body blitz... October a full body and now... November introduced the 7-Min Zone!! ... fancy joining us in February?  Come on and see what you can achieve in one month!

Michelle - Pure Gravity Founder

Vicky Maskill: July Private Team

I am getting married in two weeks and this course was the perfect motivation I needed. Michelle's guidance is clear and encouraging and no day is the same!

Janet Waring: July, Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov!

I have really loved the monthly challenge! It was tough sometimes, coming home from work exhausted and knowing that I still had 15 minutes of hard exercises to do - but it was worth it! My body is stronger, has more defined muscles - and most importantly of all - I feel great and so proud of myself! Thanks Michelle for your positive and focused coaching!

Joanna Souza: April & May

I've had all kinds of trouble finding time, and energy - not to mention money/babysitting after the birth of my second child, nine months ago, but the monthly challenge has been perfect!

It's very small chunks of your day with seriously effective exercises, but the best thing about the challenge is that we have to complete it every single day, by the end of the day, or we are out... That makes me do it every single day and not give up!

Who can't find 14-18 minutes throughout their day to take care of themselves and get back into shape!?

Alice Clarke: April, May, June, Aug, Sept

I have LOVED the April challenge. I am seriously out of shape and could barely move for the first week! Logistics with work and kids makes formal classes or running difficult (any excuse!) but the virtual team accountability and new daily challenges meant EVERY DAY we were exercising and really seeing a difference.

Katja Meijer: April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Nov!

What can I say... This has changed my whole fitness routine (well i never had one and now i do!) and i am excercising like never before - who would have thought to have best body yet after two pregnancies?! It also gives sense of achievement and happy feeling to have done something for me-myself-and-i, best 15mins investment! And loved the versatile exercises and the team spirit! Thumbs up all the way!

Victoria Fritz: July Private Team

It starts off easy but don't let that have you fooled! This is a great way to get a bit of exercise in everyday. You feel the burn but my bottom is very grateful for it!

Lilly Gilbert: July Private Team + Oct

I exercised every single day this month thanks to this programme. Clever and easy way to get motivated each day with novel exercises so I was never bored.

Emanuela Saand: April, May, Sept

Training is not my favourite activity. I am a full time working mom with two kids and have very little time for myself. This challenge has been very good for me because it has pushed me to exercise everyday. I can train where and when I want during the day. The exercises do not require long time but are very effective so I could already see the results after two weeks. Michelle is a very skilled and above all motivating trainer. She has managed to make me train although we are several miles apart.

Catie Close: April, May & June

This challenge has been a brilliant way to improve my body confidence as I can really notice the difference. Sometimes it's hard to get through the exercises but the satisfaction afterwards makes it worthwhile and working as a team means you all stay motivated. Great range of exercises and despite being in the UK and South Africa for the challenge, Facebook means it doesn't matter where you are, you can still participate! Thanks Michelle!!

Agneta Belhaj: April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept & Oct!

Had it not been for the April challenge there is no way I would have been doing as much exercise as I have been doing this month. And finally I start seeing a small difference - just enough to make me super motivated to join for a new round of challenges in May. Thank you for being so encouraging Michelle!

Jen Gross: April, June & October 

This challenge was fantastic. Sometimes it was hard to find the time and energy. But once you got started it felt great a little energy boost at the end of the day. 

Looking forward to the next challenge.